NORTH End: Canada border, International Falls MN, Koochiching County MN

See Dale Sanderson's International Falls page for picture of this end. Between 1926 and 1934 US 53 was wholly contained within Wisconsin, but in 1925 there was a plan to extend it from La Crosse to Dubuque. See my US 55 page for more. (Side note: Des Moines is halfway between International Falls and Oklahoma City. The east mixmaster is closer to the former; the west mixmaster is closer to the latter.)

SOUTH End: US 14/US 61/WI 16/Cameron Ave., La Crosse WI, La Crosse County WI

Downtown La Crosse breaks streets into one-ways, and with the completion of the Cameron Avenue bridge incoming 14/61 is also on a separate street than departing 14/61.

Facing south on 53 (3rd Street)

This assembly is one block before 53 meets westbound 14/61/16 and two blocks before eastbound 14/61/16. The 61/53 markers are one panel, and the bottom half is entirely one panel too.

Facing south on 53

This would have been the end of 53 prior to the completion of the bridge a block ahead. Ahead one block, 14/61 and 16 split, with 14/61 going on 3rd and 16 on Cameron. If you turned right to go to Minnesota, and then turned around to come back into Wisconsin (3 miles both ways!), these are the signs you would see:

Facing east on 14/16, but heading south on 61

This assembly is after the last stoplight in La Crescent MN, about 2.5 miles from MN 26's north end. These are the last signs before crossing the Mississippi River. The old US 16 (now MN/WI 16) multiplex continues across the state line; 16 met 14/61 just behind the camera. If 53 had been extended into Iowa, "North 53" would be a part of this set even though the road heads southeastward into Wisconsin.

Facing east on 14/16, but heading south on 61

Take a right at the next light to continue on 61. Go straight ahead to follow 16 and meet 53 a block later.

Facing east on 16 (Cameron Avenue)

Eastbound 16 goes north one block and then will continue eastward.

Facing north on 53(?), but heading east on 16 (4th Street)

Turn left for Minnesota and right for WI 16. Straight ahead is US 53.

Facing north on 53(?), but heading east on 16

Arguably, 53 ends at 3rd and Cameron, after it has met 14/61/16 in both directions, but begins at 4th and Cass, after WI 16 leaves the route. The first sign is just after this stoplight.

Facing north on 53

Surrounding area information: Possible earlier ends

Facing south on 53 (3rd Street)

Facing south on 53 (3rd Street)

Before the Cass Street bridge was built, Monte Castleman says that 53 to the north, either at Pearl Street (where 14/61 came up from the south) or Main Street, one block south of there (where 16 came from the east). This is only a few blocks north of 53's current end.

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